Web development

Web development is our company’s the main scope. We highly focus on development process, quality as well as setting and achieving the right goals. IT City specialists take care of all web site development processes which consist of: web design creation, programming, project management, SEO optimization for Google, marketing and copywriting.

Project management

For a successful and well-timed project there are few essential elements: constant communication with a client, great undestanding of clients needs, setting the right targets, well time and work management.

Web design

One of the main web  development process step is to create the proper design. We offer to build up unique website design which will reflect your corporate identity and personality.


Our programming fully meets requirements of W3C international standarts.

Content management system (CMS)

For the best website content management we offer two different ways:

WordPress CMS. WordPress in one of the largest CMS in the world. More than 17% of all websites are powered by this CMS. It is very flexible and has nearly limitless functionality because of thousands of plugins created by developers around the world.

Custom made solutions. For the clients with specific needs, we offer to create bespoke tools for content management.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Google.com

If people can’t find your website in search engine results, you hardly exist. We can help you to increase your website visibility and traffic by optimizing your website in the right way. We will also install Google Analytics tool which will provide advanced statistics of your website traffic.


For the best marketing results we have art director along with marketing team who will help your website to achieve desired goals. Marketing is complex and dynamic process. IT City Ltd. offers variety of services which includes:  SEO, Pay per click marketing (SEM), Email marketing, newsletters and etc.


On the average web page, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit. Therefore the most important element in copywriting is presentation of the text. Online text is different from print – it can be clickable, copyable, scrollable and searchable. The right use of these elements can guide the user through text fast and informatively. IT City Ltd. take care of creating professional text along with structure and its presentation (pictures, videos and etc).